New Rockwoods on the way, and New to our Fleet the Geo Pro by Forest River.


Matt, Keven, and Burt:

Just a quick line to let you know we arrived back in the Keys yesterday. Camper did great even without the sway bar. We gave out a card in Darien GA to a lady, Mrs Steele, that approached us about the Minnie and she loved it !! We gave her one of your business cards and she is currently working on her husband to go up and see you guys. Thanks again for giving us a great deal and for making the purchase so seamless and you all have a great personality to go along with it. We will continue to pass the word and your cards out!!! Keep in touch. Stay cool and we wish you continued success.


The Chancy Family

Key Largo Florida 



Hey Matt,

Just wanted to again say thanks for all the support and attention to detail you guys showed during our shoot. The motorhomes and trailers were most definitely an asset to the production, and your team really rallied to make it all possible. I will recommend you guys highly and hope that we can again do business in the future. We will be thanking you in our credits and will spread the word on your professionalism.

Be well and best of luck with all !!!


Stefan Hajek
Movie Production Rentals


Just a quick noteto thank you, Matt, and Jim for your quality service. Connie and I are very pleased with our new Aliner ranger. It was a professional and pleasant buying experience, and we will not hesitate to recommend Wilmington RV to all of our friends.


Bob & Connie Langgood

Bob & Connie Langgood
2012 Aliner Ranger

I rented a large motorhome from Wilmington RV back in July, had some trouble on the trip "No Fault to them" called Keven the owner, and he patiently worked through fixing our problem. He also checked back with us several times to insure our trip was a success. working with them was a professional pleasure. I would highly recommend wilmington RV . Thanks

Hi Jim,

Just wanted to say thanks for setting up the Aliner for us - we arrived home without incident. the unit tracks well and the brakes responded withour any pushing/pulling - all is going well. Cant thank you enough for your time and talent.

Roger Boyles

Roger Boyles
2012 Aliner Expedition

Hi Keven,

It was a pleasure doing business with Wilmington RV. We felt like we were treated honestly and fairly. All of our concerns were rectified as promised. You got the ball rolling after our telephone call - so when we arrived all was set up for us to compare units. Priority One did a fine job in finding a lending institution with very good terms. Matt had all the paper work prepared so all we had to do was "sit and sign". Having Jim Howarth is a great addition to your staff, his talent, suggestions and good will cemented our positive feelings about Wilmington RV. Please also thanks your gracious wife for her good humor during the process. Rest assured we will pass along our comments to those interested in an RV.

Best Regards
Roger Boyles

Roger Boyles
2012 Aliner Expedition

Hey Keven,

I just wanted to say "Thank You" to you and Matt for all your help with the process. I hope this wasn't the first time for you guys, but it was the first time we have ever bought a camper basically sight unseen. You and your staff made it as effortless as it could be. Your driver that yousent out to us was very helpful and professional. I hope my wife and I kept up our end of the bargain for you as well as you did for us. We are very happy with the camper so far, it is better than we expected. Of course I have not had the chance to put my hands on everything yet, but if the rest turns out like what I've seen already, I'm sure everything will be fine. Thank You for putting up with my Aunt, she's a wonderful person but I needed her to be my eyes since i could not be up there. You have a wonderful company and did a great job for us. I hope the day will come that our paths will cross so I can Thank You in person. If not, this is the best I can do. Have a Good Day and a Good Weekend!

Scott Heaton

Scott Heaton
2011 Dutchmen Classic

Matt and Jim,

An easy trip to the KOA on Market street. All hooked up - hot water and a dry floor. Life is good. For a change this week we are on the hookj early, relaxed, warm, and ready for an easy day tomorrow. I want to find an old tobacco shed somewhere in the rural country - good photo op. Other than that we are unsure wht the day will be. but, it will be better for your efforts on our behalf today. Thanks You so much for working us into your schedule and going the extra mile in getting us out all clean and fixed. What an example of great customer service! I'd be glad to send over a recommendation if the chance arises. Maybe I could post a comment on your web page?

I'm going to an empty parking lot to practice backing up! I've plugged in the two-way radios to make sure they are charged. to Charleston Saturday morning. We'll stop in on our way back if Wilmington is on the route north. Bell well. Have a great spring season. Enjoy the beer.

Parker & Peg Brown

Parker Brown
2012 Shadow Cruiser by Cruiser RV